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Asthma is a Major Public Health Problem

  • Nearly 5 million children have asthma
  • It is one of the most common and costliest chronic childhood illnesses
  • It is a leading cause of school absences

What is Asthma

  • A disease that:
  • Is chronic
  • Produces recurring episodes of breathing problems (WHEEZING, COUGHING, CHEST TIGHTNESS, SHORTNESS OF BREATH)
  • Cannot be cured, but can be controlled
  • Onset at any age

What are symptoms of Asthma

  • Shortness of breath
  • Wheezing
  • Tightness in the chest
  • Coughing at night or after physical activity; cough that lasts more than a week
  • Waking at night with asthma symptoms (a key marker of uncontrolled)

What makes Asthma worse?

  • Cigarette smoke and wood smoke
  • Scented products such as hair spray, cosmetics, and cleaning products
  • Strong odors from fresh paint or cooking
  • Automobile fumes and air pollution
  • Chemicals such as pesticides and lawn treatments

Is there a cure for Asthma?

  • Asthma cannot be cured but it can be controlled.

How is Asthma controlled?

  • Follow an individualized asthma management plan
  • Avoid or control exposure to things that make asthma worse
  • Use medication appropriately
  • Long–term-control
  • Quick-relief medicine

What Happens During an Episode Of Asthma?

  • The lining of the airways becomes swollen(inflamed)
  • The airways produce a thick mucus
  • The muscles around the airways tighten and make airways narrower.

Goals for a Healthy School Environment

  • Reduce exposures to triggers 
  • Keep temperature and humidity at appropriate settings 
  • Dryup damp and wet areas
  • Teach and monitor correct inhaler techniques, peak flow and nebulizer use                             
  • Provide asthma education for faculty and staff
  • Teach parent show to manage asthma                   
  • Identify students with asthma and provide individual emergency plans 
  • Provide quick access to medication 
  • Promote safe and full participation in all school activities  
  • Allow self-administration as appropriate (proper documentation must be on file in health office)


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Mountain View Elementary School

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Chester M. Stephens Elementary School

Chester M. Stephens Elementary School
99 Sunset Drive
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Tinc Road School

Tinc Road School
24 Tinc Road
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Mt. Olive Middle School

Mt. Olive Middle School
160 Wolfe Road
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Mt. Olive High School
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