Our goal is simple; To help our students reach theirs.

The philosophy of the Department of Special Services, in accordance with current rules and regulations, is to educate each special education student in the least restrictive environment. Thus, a Child Study Team decision is the basis for evaluation and placement of any student in the Mount Olive Township School District. Program placement options include Mainstream courses, In-class support, Resource Center including Study Skills, and Self Contained.

Lisa Schleer
Executive Director of Personalized Learning
973-691-4008 ext. 8402

Sharon Staszak
Director of Special Services gr. 6-12
973-691-4008 EXT. 8415

Child Study Team Members:
Ms. Melissa Efremoski, MSW, CSSW -Social Worker
Ms. Kelly Galligan, MSW- Social Worker
Mr. Julian Johnson, MSW - Social Worker
Kristen Lasky- Speech and Language Pathologist
Hope McDonald, MSW - Social Worker
Ms. Debbie Protter, Psy.D.-School Psychologist
Ms. Amanda Romano- Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant

Special Education Teaching Staff
Ms. Dawn Mireski, Student Achievement Team Leader
Ms. Carol Atsma
Mr. Christopher Bosch
Ms. Colette Duprex
Mr. Ian Eilbacher
Bethany Fruncillo
Ms. Nancy Gilbert
Mr. Dave Givler
Ms. Kathy Givler
Ms. Melissa Grosenstein
Ms. Ann Hartig
Ms. Janice Jerger
Ms. Deborah McKee
Ms. Pamela Molfetto
Ms. Maribeth Paoli
Mr. Sirajj Ziyad

Levels of Academic Support:

Self-Contained classes
The Self-Contained Program is designed to provide special education students the maximum amount of support with the smallest class size. The classes are designed to develop those skills and competencies which are critical to successful independent functioning in the home, the school, and in the work setting. The overall goal of this program is to promote independence in the adult community.

Resource Center classes
When it is determined that a special education student needs additional support and/or more individualized instruction with modifications, the student may be placed in Resource Center classes. This program utilizes the mainstream course curriculum and is presented by Special Services department teachers.

In-class support
The in-class support program places special education students in mainstream classes, with the inclusion of a Special Services department teacher in the room for support. This teacher works in conjunction with the mainstream teacher to present material in various ways and to assist in adapting lessons to the special education students.

Mainstream classes
Oftentimes special education students excel in their academic work and need a minimum amount of support. These students are placed in mainstream classes but continue to be monitored by Special Services department personnel.

Sandshore Elementary School

Sandshore Elementary School
498 Sandshore Rd
Budd Lake, NJ 07828

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Mountain View Elementary School

Mountain View Elementary School
118 Cloverhill Drive
Flanders, NJ 07836

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Chester M. Stephens Elementary School

Chester M. Stephens Elementary School
99 Sunset Drive
Budd Lake, NJ 07828

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Tinc Road School

Tinc Road School
24 Tinc Road
Flanders, NJ 07836

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Mt. Olive Middle School

Mt. Olive Middle School
160 Wolfe Road
Budd Lake, NJ 07828

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Mt. Olive High School

Mt. Olive High School
18 Corey Road
Flanders, NJ 07836

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