Important Directions - PLEASE READ!
 Deadline to Apply -  Tuesday, April 12th at 3:00 pm!

Military Recognition

If you plan on entering the military upon graduation, please fill out the following form in order to be recognized on senior awards night: Form

Please contact Mr. Kerrigan with any questions, thank you for applying!! 

1. Carefully review the criteria for the following list of scholarships and select those scholarships to which you will apply. 

2. Click on the scholarship name to access the application.  Complete the full application for each scholarship which you are applying to.  FOLLOW DIRECTIONS CLOSELY

3. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME anywhere on the application unless directed to do so.  Scholarships that require you to put your name will be indicated with (NAME REQUIRED). Instead of names - most scholarships will use your Student Number which can be found on RealTime on the top banner. Your Student Number must be placed on every document of your application. Contact Mr. Kerrigan if you can't find your ID number.

4. Contact your Guidance Counselor or Mr. Kerrigan if you need assistance completing your Academic Résumé.

5. Make sure to include mandatory essays included at the end of each scholarship application.  Be sure to make each essay unique to each scholarship!

6. Please bring completed applications to Mr. Kerrigan in guidance. When you bring your applications, you will have to fill out a scholarship card with a list of scholarships you are applying to.

Scholarship Name (Click to access application)

Anna Cerria Memorial Scholarship Visual/performing arts ability, academic status, school activities, and financial needs are considered.  All students are encouraged to apply even if their interpretation of "art" is unconventional (i.e. someone who is pursuing "math" may feel that "math" is an art).  Provide a listing of any artistic accomplishments, performances, and awards. 
Boys Lacrosse Scholarship Open to any senior boys lacrosse player, no minimum GPA required.
The DiCicco Family Scholarship Fund (DFSF) • Student must be a resident of Mount Olive Township.
• Student must be active in church, community, school and family activities. Candidates with a leadership role will be given preference.
• Student should be in top third (1/3) of their class
• 500 word essay must be written to explain why student should be considered worthy of this award.
Educators Association of Mount Olive Scholarship Academic achievement, community involvement, and student must have intended major of education.
Education Foundation Scholarship 1. Student must be in good academic standing. B average or better.
2. Student must have no behavior or attendance issues.
3. Student should demonstrate active participation in athletics or extracurricular clubs/activities,
with increasing responsibility from freshman to senior year.
4. Student should demonstrate at least 20 hours of volunteer work either as part of their athletic
and/or extracurricular clubs/activities, or as volunteer work in the community.
5. Student should have the recommendation of his/her guidance counselor, and a general
recommendation on file from one teacher or coach.
FBLA Scholarship Must be an active member of FBLA and planning to major in business in college.
Flanders PTA Scholarship

● Graduating senior of Mount Olive High School who graduated from Mountain View Elementary School.
● Show community and school involvement for four years of high school.
● Must have definite plans to further your education.
● Open to students in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th deciles of the senior class (others need not apply).
● Must complete the application including the essay requirement.

Football Parent Club Scholarship
  • Awarded to students attending a 2/4 year University, College or a Business/Trade School on a Full-Time basis.
  • Student must graduate this school year.
  • Attended Mt Olive High School and participated in the football program for a minimum of (2) full years. Must have participated in their Senior year.
  • This application must be completed following the guidelines established.
Italian Club Scholarship Academics, extra-curricular activities, community service, and family financial need will be considered. Applicant must write essay on a famous Italian. (NAME REQUIRED)
Jonathan M. Messina Scholarship Open to all seniors but those who have received Special Education Services (504, IEP, speech are examples) especially encouraged to apply. Applicant should be one who has persevered to improve upon their grades since freshman year; shown strength of character, fairness, compassion, and demonstrates good leadership. Financial need will be taken into account. Senior must intend to further his/her education in college or a trade school. Essay component is essential for consideration.
Jonathan Slusher Memorial Scholarship

Applicant must have at least a 3.0 gpa and have intent to major in journalism.

*Due May 4th 2022

Joseph DeFeo Scholarship Student must be in the top 50% of the senior class and have an engineering/technology focus.
Knights of Columbus, Fr. Joseph A. Cassidy Council 6100, Thomas Christopher DeLalla Memorial Scholarship

All applicants must be a resident of Mount Olive Township or a child of any Council 6100 member and are appraised on dedicated commitment and leadership in organizations or activities to benefit others, the community and the youth of Mount Olive Township. Special consideration will be given for leadership and participation in activities and programs which directly benefit local community youth organizations (e.g. religious organizations, squires, youth group, sports, scouting, other youth based organizations.). An essay is required describing why a scholarship is important to the applicant and what the applicant did specifically that qualifies him/her as the best candidate to receive this scholarship.(NAME REQUIRED)

*Please scan and email application to Mr. Kerrigan

Knights of Columbus, Fr. Joseph A. Cassidy Council 6100 Scholarship

All applicants must be a resident of Mount Olive Township or a child of any Council 6100 member and are appraised on 5 categories: Scholastic Achievement, Church/Religious Institution activities, Community activities, Extra Curricular activities and Essay. The essay will describe the applicant’s reasons for continuing their education and why a scholarship is important to them. (NAME REQUIRED)

*Please scan and email application to Mr. Kerrigan

Kiwanis Scholarship Applicants must be a member of the Key Club and demonstrate community service.
Luke Heeman Good Citizenship Award
Seniors in the top 40% of their class who have demonstrated good citizenship, dedication, and leadership to the organizations and activities they are involved in, whether it is school/community/religious or helping someone else. Must place GPA on application. (NAME REQUIRED)
Mario Giangola Memorial Music Scholarship

Excellence in instrumental music, must demonstrate ongoing community service. 

*Scholarship follows separate deadline, please email application to by May 1st*

MOHS Track and Field Scholarship

●     Graduating senior who is enrolled in an institute of higher learning for the fall of 2023. Such institutions may include any 2 or 4 year college/university, technical school, or vocational school. 

●     Athlete must have been a member of the Mount Olive Track Program for a minimum of 2 years (including their senior year) for the same season i.e. cross country, indoor track, outdoor track. **Exceptions to this would be transfer students** 

●     Athlete’s parents/guardians must be an active member of the Mount Olive Track Program’s Booster Club for at least 2 years. Active membership is defined as paying the membership dues each year the applicant has been a participant of the Mount Olive Track & Field Winter Program. **Exceptions to this would be transfer students** 

●     The athlete must be in good standing with the team i.e. must not have been suspended from participating on the team for various team or school infractions that go against proper student-athlete conduct as outlined by team and school rules. 

●     Completed and submitted the entire application (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4) by the designated due date April 29, 2022.

Mount Olive High School Family Alumni Scholarship Mother or father is a graduate of Mount Olive High School.
Mt. Olive Administrators & Supervisors Association Scholarship
Seniors who plan to major in education and who have demonstrated good citizenship and commitment to school and community.
Mount Olive Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Senior who plans to major in business or a related field, and has demonstrated scholastic ability and community involvement.
Mt. Olive Leo's Club Scholarship
Must be a member of MOHS Leo's Club.  Applicant must also plan on continuing education after high school, be in the top third of the senior class, be active in community service, and have a financial need.
Mount Olive Lions Club Scholarship Seniors planning to further their education who are in the top 3rd of the senior class and involved in community service.  Financial need will be taken into account.
Mount Olive Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #122 Scholarship

Senior who is going to college for a career in public service (i.e. criminal justice, military, medical fields, or social service). (NAME REQUIRED)

Mt. Olive Township Police Athletic League Scholarship

Senior who plans to enter a career in public service (i.e. criminal justice, military, medical fields, or social service).  (NAME REQUIRED)

Mount Olive Soccer Club Jennifer L. Cialone Memorial Scholarship

*Scholarship follows separate deadline (April 30th) and process, see below for details. 

Graduating seniors who have actively participated in the Mount Olive Soccer Club for at least three (3) years or six (6) seasons, and who have met college entrance requirements.

Criteria for Consideration

1. Must have demonstrated a strong history of soccer involvement.
2. Academic standing.
3. Teacher (2) evaluations.
4. Extracurricular activities.
5. Participation in community service and/or volunteer programs.
6. Essay: Submit a brief narrative of no more than 1,000 words describing how soccer has influenced your character, discipline, teamwork, leadership and self-esteem.

Application steps

1. Complete entire scholarship application form
2. Teacher evaluation forms – must be completed by two (2) separate teachers
3. Scholastic report – must be completed by a high school counselor
4. Completed applications must be submitted to the Club President or mailed with a postmark no later than April 29th of the current year. Completed applications may be mailed to;

Mount Olive Soccer Club
Attn: Scholarship Committee P.O. Box 20
Flanders, NJ 07836

or emailed to:


MOHS Cheer Scholarship

Must be a graduating MOHS cheerleader and answer an essay on how cheer has helped them.

Parents Club Scholarship

Seniors whose parents/guardians are members of the MOHS Parents Club. Parents must be members of the MOHS Parents Club for all 4 years.

Peace Aging Care Experts LLC Scholarship Student planning on going to college for nursing or social work.
SDK Village Green LLC and SDK Foundation for Human Dignity Scholarship Seniors who have demonstrated merit, strong academics, and participation in community events. (NAME REQUIRED).
Shri M.C. Agarwal and Dr. Yogesh Mawal Charitable Inc. Scholarship is in honor of Dr. Yogesh Mawal, dedicated father and husband. It is for a senior that plans on continuing their education and has either financial need or a single parent household.
Special Education Scholarship– In Honor of Kelly Galligan

Open to all seniors but those who have received Special Education Services (504, IEP, speech are examples) especially encouraged to apply. Essays required.

*Due April 28th 2022

Terry Rigoglioso Memorial Scholarship

Open to a senior who will be going on to a 4-year college & pursuing a degree in social work or counseling.

*Due April 28th 2022

Tom Shields Memorial Firefighters Scholarship Seniors who have demonstrated involvement with extracurricular activities and community service.  Grades and standardized test scores are considered, but all students are encouraged to apply. 
The McMullen Family Scholarship in Memory of Susan Cadorette

Student must be entering a trade/vocational school or career upon graduation. 

*Due May 4th 2022

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