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Jennifer Fano and Sean O'Connor feed the trout, as teacher Peg Maute and security officer Keith Boryeskne look on

They're on their own!

The little ones have flown the nest – or rather, swam the tank. The nearly 50 trout raised and nurtured by fifth-graders in Peg Maute’s class are on their own. The fish were released into a local Byram stream on May 31.
The annual release has become a symbol of the new lives that await the fifth-graders next year as they move on to Mount Olive Middle School. The big fish at Mountain View will find themselves among the smallest in the pond, but have much more room to grow.
The class received the rainbow trout eggs through a unique program made possible through a partnership with the Pequest Trout Hatchery in Oxford, New Jersey in association with Trout Unlimited, a national conservation group, and the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife.
This year’s graduating class is the largest in recent years. In 2021, of the 80-100 eggs the class received in October, just 11 fish made their way into young adulthood. The trout are incredibly delicate when young, sensitive to the most minute temperature changes and pollutants. When newly born, the fish spend several weeks unable to swim and are defenseless against predators. Even in the controlled environment of the classroom, only the hardiest of the bunch make it out into the world.
“The students loved having the trout in the classroom,” said Maute. “Watching them grow from eggs, and learning about them and the importance of clean water conservation.”
The fifth-graders took turns feeding the fish, initially once a day then twice per day in the last few months. A custodian fed the fish when school was not in session.
Mountain View security officer Keith Boryeskne, an avid fisherman, helped with tank setup and maintenance. He also came in during school recesses to make sure they were thriving.

Outdoor learning area is taking shape

Mountain View's outdoor classroom is getting a major upgrade and will soon see outdoor tables as part of the space. The tables will be purchased using money from a $2,000 grant Mountain View received from Sustainable Jersey, a network of municipalities and school systems dedicated to environmentally conscious projects. 

Teacher Rebecca Day applied for the grant. She accepted the award with Rebecca Kreider, Ed.D, the district's supervisor of information technology and STEAM, at a presentation ceremony at The College of New Jersey.

Since the beginning of the school year, a team of teachers, administrators, and parents have worked to develop the outdoor learning area. Contributions from the Boy Scouts, local landscaping companies, and other local businesses helped provide seating, mulch and a whiteboard for the space. 

‘The world's largest exercise class’

The entire Mountain View student body recently ventured outside and danced in a giant exercise session. The event was part of Project ACES (All Children Exercising Simultaneously), the signature program of the Youth Fitness Coalition.
Students from all over the country and even the world exercised in large groups on this day in what has been called “the world’s largest exercise class.” Held to the highlight National Physical Fitness and Sports Month and National Physical Education Week, Project ACES was created 25 years ago as a way to motivate children to exercise.

Physical education teachers Mike Schwartz and Brian Allen coordinated the school-wide activity. During phys ed classes, the teachers taught the students a number of fun dances and songs including the Cha Cha Slide, the Cupid Shuffle, and Tony Chestnut. When the music started, the kids were ready to go. The dancing lasted about half an hour. The activity helped teach students that exercising doesn't have to mean participating in a sport or doing sit-ups in a gym – it's anything that gets your heart rate up.

Competition creators Ava Zaycek, Shea Galinias, and Aliza Mahmood

Peace comes to the fourth and fifth grade hallway 

The war is over.
The bulletin board war, started by Shea Galinias, Aliza Mahmood, and Ava Zaycek, has come to a close. The three students created the competition that challenged each class to imagine a spring-themed bulletin board and bring it to life. The winning class won the choice of extra recess time or a pajama day.
The bulletin boards featured a range of imagery and effects including balloons, flowers, and battery-operated LED lights. The project inspired whole classroom collaboration and engendered a friendly class rivalry.
For the competition creators, it was a fresh breath of spring air. “We don’t get to do class competitions like this or make bulletin boards,” said Ava. “It’s a fun privilege.”
The art, music, and phys ed teachers served as official judges. Criteria included creativity, effort, and best use of theme. Third-graders also toured the hallway and then voted on a special Kids’ Choice award.
Deborah Siipola’s fifth grade class won the grand prize with the theme “Flying into Spring” which featured a take on the modern Disney classic, “Up.” The class selected extra recess time as the reward for their creativity and effort. Melissa Ezro and Anessa Goldkind's class took second place; Rebecca Day and Katherine Goss' class took third.

A February lollipop sale brought in the money to award each class $65 for bulletin board decorations. SEL time and enrichment time was used to complete the bulletin boards.

Young entrepreneurs

TREP$ is back at Mountain View. A total of 22 fifth-graders are participating in the unique program that teaches students the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship by walking them through product development from concept to completion.
This afterschool program isn’t just sitting around the blackboard. The students brainstorm, create real products, and sell them. On May 9, the young entrepreneurs will set up their stores in the Mountain View cafeteria for parents, family members, teachers, and friends to see their creativity and ingenuity. And shop, shop, shop!
Jewelry, food, flowerpots, birdhouses, and key chains are among the items that will be on sale.

“The thing that excited me the most about this program is the opportunity it gives kids to take ownership of their learning,” said teacher Christine Rogoff, who serves as TREP$ co-adviser with teacher Caralynn Ferrara. “Students choose their own learning path from beginning to end, and see their hard work come to life. It’s a great introduction to autonomous learning.”

TREP$, which stands for entrepreneurs, teaches students very concrete business fundamentals over the program’s two+ months. The students met weekly and learned a different business skill each week. For example, one week students were writing business plans and identifying their target customers; another week they were learning about marketing and effective advertising, and another it was salesmanship and customer service. They also learned the process of cost analysis – a key to deciding which product to manufacture for sale.
Ferrara has personally seen the value in the program. Her son, Jack, currently a sophomore at Mount Olive High School, participated in the program when he was in elementary school.
“He worked hard to create a product that was useful, recycled, and inventive,” she said. “He enjoyed the program so much that I wanted to continue it for other students to see the value of entrepreneurship.”
Entrepreneurship has always been a hallmark of America’s growth and history. But with reality shows such as “Shark Tank” and entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg regularly in the news, students have never been more interested in innovation and business ownership.
Two local entrepreneurs, parents of Mountain View students, came to speak to the TREP$ participants early in the process. Daniel Goncalves who owns Sparkle Couture Boutique and Erica DuChemin who owns Jersey Country Chic provided real-life practical advice on running your own business and gave students tips on their creations.

She rocks!

Laura Markowski rocks! The Mountain View kindergarten teacher was recently honored in the Teachers Who Rock program sponsored by the New Jersey Education Association and radio station WDHA-FM. Her nomination letter, written by teacher Jen Leone, was read on the air on the station’s morning show and posted on the channel’s website:

Ms. Markowski has a great relationship with her students because she never forgets what it is like to be a child. She works hard to find activities that students will enjoy and find fun and engaging. She sees all the positive qualities in her students and celebrates their growth. She takes time out to make sure that every child feels special and loved. She makes learning fun in her classroom.

Ms. Markowski goes above and beyond as a teacher. She is the leader of the kindergarten team at Mountainview School. Last school year, she not only had to work from home for the first ½ of the year, she also started with a whole new kindergarten team. Despite this, she was still finding ways to share activities and guide her team from home. Ms. Markowski also went out of her way for her students. She would drop off materials to student homes on her own time. She creates monthly take home activities and helps to put together a Kindergarten book as keepsake for the children. Ms. Markowski has done lots of wonderful programs over the years including having students create, write, and act in a film. At the end of the project, she actually had the films viewed in a movie theater.

Ms. Markowski has a great relationship with her students’ parents. Parents that have her as a teacher feel at ease with her. She is able to calm their fears and helps them enjoy the kindergarten experience.

Ms. Markowski is a great co-worker. She goes out of her way to help people. She is always looking for the best activities, ideas, and ways to make learning meaningful and fun for her students. She is the glue that holds the kindergarten team together.

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